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Oct 22, 2012 6:30pm EDT
front of the philadelphia art museum, latino voters turning out in droves to vote for this republican ticket. fast-forward to today. where are the republicans in locking down that latino vote, and what do you see there? >> tom, they're crucial in three battleground states. nevada, colorado, and florida. there's a large puerto rican population have moved to florida, the i-94 area. right now the president is leading, i thought it was mas print. an astounding 45 points. mitt romney is at 25%, the president is at 70% amongst latinos. john mccain did about 35 or 34. but this is the margin of difference, and many people feel that this emerging population group is key to president obama keeping the presidency. >> thanks a lot, mark. brian, when you look at where these vote totals are, places like florida, places in nevada, that's where the latino vote is going to come in. >> senator john mccain, the nominee in 2008, joins us live from boca raton, florida. sen to great to see you as always. you have the unique perspective of having debated both president obama and mitt romney. do y
Oct 23, 2012 6:30pm EDT
important is the latino vote and where are both sides with the constituency? >> there is no doubt. the president has polls up 45%. i saw one where romney was at 25% among latino voters and the president had 70%. they're an increasing part of the electorate. they will vote for obama in great numbers, but will they get them out? and nevada, colorado, and florida -- especially the most competitive area in florida is the i-94 area. i was at the convention in tampa, sarasota, and orlando. there's a large puerto rican population in that central florida area. the obama forces are less confident about florida, but their pathway to the 270 -- the magic 270. they don't need florida busheled would like it. >> mark, we thank you for your time. brian, even those elections still over two weeks away, some is early voting in key states have begun. >> virginia remains a key battleground state for the presidential election but a hotly-contested senate race. this morning, george allen talked with tony perkins. the issue turned toby partisanship. >> if you don't have mitt romney in the white house, d
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2